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Becca Compact Concealer

Becca Compact Concealer will greatly diminish the dark under eye circles that haul away the look of youth and make the face look haggard and tired. The Becca Compact Concealer promises to return the look of radiance that belongs there to refresh and enliven the face. Pimples, blackheads, even birthmarks, will be hidden with the ease of blending this concealer. The Becca Compact Concealer (Multiple Color) comes in a neat compact with two formulations, side by side. Users may opt for either the thicker concealer or the lighter, more sheer one for a totally customized beauty treatment.

The Becca Compact Concealer contains two varying strengths of concealer formulations in one tidy compact case. The concealer preparations are both the same shade of concealer. The difference between the two is that one is made up of a heavier constitution for greater coverage of unseemly flaws and dark circles while the other is more translucent and weightless for facial imperfections needing slightly less coverage. There are more than thirty highly pigmented shades available with the Becca Compact Concealer, each with a varying skin undertone match for perfect customization. For example, the Becca Compact Concealer (Multiple Color) may be purchased in the Almond shade, which is perfect for warm brown skin tones. There are shades for light to fair skin tones and everything in between. The Becca Compact Concealer has a convenient built-in mirror, making it easy to put on your concealer anywhere you go, as needed.

The Becca Compact Concealer (Multiple Color) solves this problem. There are many, many skin tone choices and with the dual compact, having the ability to blend them to conceal just how much you want to, is a huge plus.”

The Becca Compact Concealer (Multiple Color) now sold at also has anti-aging ingredients to help the skin renew itself. The Vitamins A, C, and E are added for their antioxidant and skin-brightening abilities.

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