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Glytone Moisturizer

Benefits of Using Glytone Moisturizer

Do you experience dry skin? Do you live in a climate where there is humidity? People all around the country can experience dry skin whether they live in a humid state like Florida or have dry skin in a Colorado winter. Glytone moisturizer nourishes skin deep into the cells to create a rejuvenated look. Using moisturizer is more than just lathering a cream onto the skin – you need to be diligent in caring for the skin, eating a diet complete in fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Dull or dehydrated skin can make you look older than you even are and since anti aging is so important to most people, one of the best things you can do for your skin is apply a daily moisturizer!

When skin is dehydrated, the fine lines and wrinkles appear deeper in the skin. The lack of hydration in the cells causes them to shrivel up and fine lines around the eyes and mouth become more prominent. Plump up skin cells with hydration – it’s as simple as that. Whether your skin is dry or normal, it is ideal to apply Glytone moisturizer twice a day. In the morning, gently wash skin with a splash of water – since you cleanse the skin at night, there is not much dirt or grime that will build up on clean skin overnight. After patting the skin dry, apply a lightweight day moisturizer to the skin over your daily serum or eye cream. In the evening, you will want to use a deeper cleanser to wipe away makeup, excess oil and grime from the pores. To repair the skin overnight, apply a rich moisturizer that can soak into the skin as you sleep.

Another way to protect the skin is through the use of sunscreen or an SPF. Look for a moisturizer that contains an SPF to protect against fine lines and wrinkles or freckles. If you are going to be sweating or swimming during the day, multiple applications of SPF are recommended to offer thorough protection. Always use a moisturizer – it’s the easiest way to get younger looking skin!

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