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Cellex-C Fade Away Gel 25ml
  • Cellex-C Fade Away Gel 25ml
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Cellex-C Fade Away Gel 25ml

Cellex-C Fade Away is a green-tea colored, aqueous solution that is oil free and contains a complete list of Cellex-Cs patented signature ingredients and plant glycosides. The benefit of this formula is that it is able to dramatically lighten and change the appearance of both age and sun spots. This is done through the use of natural elements rather than harsh chemical factors.

Cellex-Cs innovative formula is packed with potent compounds and nutrients such as glucosamine and highly potent plant derived phyto chemicals. Phyto chemicals are used by in times of stress as a natural form of protection. Regular use of Cellex-C Fade Away has the power to yield dramatic results. Discolorations will be visibly diminished while an overall improvement will be seen in relation to the appearance of age spots. This formula is appropriate for use in both men and women, and significant improvement can be seen within the first 3 months of twice daily application.

Cellex-C is the only line of skincare products on the market today that utilizes that patented Bioderm technology created by Dr. Lorraine Faxon Meisner.

Cellex-C is appropriate for use on all skin types, except for those who are highly sensitive. This formula is designed for twice daily use.

Please Note: Cellex-C should only be used under the supervision of a dermatologist or other liscensed skin care professional. During application, take special care to avoid the eye area as well as eyebrows and hairline.

Ingredients Include: Glucosamine HCL*, ascorbic acid*, acetyl tyrosine*, zinc sulfate*, green tea extract, sodium hyaluronate, cucumber extract, thyme extract.*Patented Cellex-C Complex internationally protected by US Patent Nos. 4,938,969 & 4,772,591.